In some articles I read up about relationships, love, marriages, and the likes, there is always a paragraph or two about daughters looking for husbands to be in the likeness and, probably, image of their fathers. It has been said that girls look for characteristics of their boyfriends similar to that of their dads. This accounts to the fact that it will always be the fathers who will be the first male their daughters will adore.


Maybe, unconsciously, I was looking for someone like my father too.

– A carpenter who has been working since his teens

– A silent man who is passionate about family and values

– A music enthusiast though not big on singing

– A good man with a good heart

– my original Superman!


And so, in my search, conscious of that nagging feeling and other people asking, no not merely asking, but demanding to know why…. there is one answer I have…


… eventually, after and when looking is done and gone, someone just like my father will come. 🙂 ♥