Nowadays, I never seem to get shocked anymore. There may be a few things I am surprised about but never shocked as in holy-guacamole-kind-of-shocked stuff.

. . . Dazed on being asked, hmmm…. on being delegated, on the same day, to host/emcee a big gathering, and when I say big it means it involved 2 provinces!

. . .  Startled on a disapproval of an appointment after working my ass off for 6 months!

. . . Went speechless when, eherm… someone tried to hold my hand, and for the record, I would have allowed if only he asked.  😉


So, other Shift+F7 words but not shocked!


So when my little sister announced that she is getting married, I just merely asked if Nanay and Tatay know about it already. I was not shocked.

. . . I was not alarmed that both my siblings are now married and obviously, I am not, nor, in any way near getting there..

. . . I was not upset that there are things I am not good at… like relationships… (hmm, another title for a blog!)

. . . I was not frightened that I may not catch the bouquet! Hahaha…


Well, here’s a shocker though, read the title!!

YES! I need a date, on the wedding day. Anyone who fits the description, PM me please:

a)    a bachelor (specifically on the D day!)

b)   willing to be my Arm Candy on the D day

c)    can dance and taller than I am

d)   permitting, a title (ex. Atty) before YOUR name.


Shocking?? LOL!!!    😀