He’s tall. He’s dark. He’s. . . eeerr… he’s got the looks of a very serious guy as I seldom see him smile. Maybe it goes with the nature of his job, to appear ominous and threatening, so, the not so charming look. A friend has openly expressed dislike about him.

We’ve had encounters before as we move in the same circle. At times, bumping into each other becomes inevitable, work nature as usual. There were also brief conversations, hellos and his, sometimes, the eye-look-wave things. That summarizes our communications.

It has all changed now.


Of recent, he has shown a certain “something.” He has been asking “personal” questions. He has been “whispering” stuff. He has shown particular interest.

And, he tried to hold my hand…


Now, i couldn’t shake him off. I have been wracking my brains out what to make of this. I have been rolling in and around my bed wondering what to do…

And his relationship status states: IT’S COMPLICATED!


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