E.V.E. . . ;)

On the eve of my fourth decade here on earth, I wanted to be on a reflective mood. I wanted to reminisce on all those years when I was still a toddler and my mom and dad would whisper the lessons they wanted me to learn. I wanted to recapture the moment when I danced, sang, drank, cried hard, laughed till my stomach hurt, had my tattoo! 😉 I wanted to probe and ask all the questions I still don’t have the answers to. I wanted to look back and see if all my wishes, goals, dreams, all of those I have tasked myself to do have all been done, realized, completed, fulfilled, carried out.


But what did I really do today??

Awoke at about 6 in the morning after a long evening – came from my “matalik na kabigan’s” house and got a “T” then off to a premiere of a Cinemalaya offering. Checked my FB account on mobile then played online games. Took a bath and travelled to Lucban, but taking the Tayabas jeep so I had to wait for several minutes after getting off at the market for another ride. I watched a documentary about the Comedy King – Dolphy at home with my sister and nephew. Met up with relatives and close friends at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan for a thanksgiving lunch. Felt the pain of having someone to love by your side yet not be able to express and show it fully (Sarah-Gerald affair). Importantly, listened to Atty M on DWFM TV5 and now, watching Snow White and the Huntsman.


So, what am I to do tomorrow??

Just like what I have been doing for the last 15 or so years, go to work and get on with my life.


Maybe, I will ponder, some other time. 🙂


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