I want to write.

I want to say all the things I want to say.

I want to express myself.

I want to let go of all emotions inside.

I want to drown in the sea of words and phrases and just ride the waves of paragraphs.

I want to breathe in the similes and breathe out the irony.

I want to smell the fragrance of sweet nothings.

I want to hear the banging of criticisms.

I want to taste the panache of praises.

I want to see the picture painted by Bread.

I want to feel the texture of love and war.

I want to sing the highest notes with the lyrics of my own accord.

I want to dive into the ocean with only a pen on my hand.

I want to climb a mountain, a hill, a pile of papers. . . slide down scribbling.

I want to move, dance, walk, drive, crawl, spin, scat, rap. . .


And I want to write about all of those.   🙂


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