Darn, I don’t have brown eyes.  😦

Funny how the web has become our space to let out our feelings, to admit things we couldn’t face to face, to ask for things we couldn’t personally, to speak our minds without fear or prejudice. I guess it’s a good thing. This way, people can express more and share more and, yeah, reflect more on events, people… ideas.

Funnier when someone expresses feelings for another who articulates his/her for someone else… it’s appalling for me!

Oh, how I wish… even for just a day…. I can be his QUEEN!  😦


2 thoughts on “BROWN EYES…

  1. Stevie Krupinski says:

    while some people love blue eyes, i really have like brown eyes and i found them to be very very attractive. ..

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  2. Rosaria Lentz says:

    Brown-eyed men seem to be more trustworthy than most blue eyed males, but is it more to do with the shape of the face than the color of the eyes? `

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