TOP 40… :-)

14June2012: Count down should have started yesterday, however, since there were more important things to attend to, I’ll just start now. 🙂   thirty nine days before the “D” day comes. I’ve created a list that needs to be done daily / or within that time period. But why list them? I don’t know. I guess it’s more exciting that way. Or it’s like going up the stairs and the higher I get, the better chance for me to reach my goals. Or, maybe, I just want to do these yet, I don’t have time, so this is the best excuse! Haha..


Here’s the list I was talking about. The idea is for me to do things daily in order from 40, 39, until I reach the first day, the “D” day. Thing is, there were some things I have accomplished already, so it defeats the original scheme. Anyway, I’m sticking to the list:


40. follow airlines and hotels @twitter

39. start writing (again!)

38. read daily bible verses

37. tweet daily

36. buy new wardrobe…..


Okay, first five first. Some may seem absurd, peculiar, downright silly… well, this is my list! But thank you for thinking otherwise! Haha..


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