ABOUT ME… Part Une

12June2012: This is long overdue. I have been putting this off but I believe now is the right time to do this. Plus, I’ve been seeing this for sometime.. TIP: Update your ABOUT PAGE so your readers can learn about YOU! Okay. Here is it! 🙂

My parents got my name from the calendar which was a very popular manner of naming children then. In Hebrew, it would mean “ewe” or female sheep which means the tamed one. Hmm… so, SHY it is!

I was born under the sign of Leo. According to the description, a typical Leo is flamboyant and generous with tremendous charm and magnanimous spirit. Hmm… eerrr… EXTROVERT, wow!

In one seminar, an activity required me to give myself a one-word description which emphasizes positivity and goodness. PERFECT!

As time passes by, as I age and mature, as I continually get to know and learn to grow, how I define myself changes. Those words I used to describe myself may be true sometime ago, but then they may not be true today. Well, all I know is, I’M A WORK IN PROGRESS.   🙂


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