10June2012: What a day it was! In the morning, I got sucked in to the game of boxing. Today was my first time to watch a big game thru a very big screen. Maybe it was pure lack of enthusiasm or I was simply not into it, but this day was different. My colleagues including our boss, watched it live, along with more than four thousand other viewers. Not to mention the Big Boss who was seating in the front row and rooting for the people’s champ, who incidentally, lost the fight to a beginner. (huge brouhaha though after the split decision).


In the late afternoon, my personal stylist sucked me in to shopping and buying things for myself… and this time without the guilt. Haha.. I confess, I have not done any shopping spree specifically at branded/labelled stores since… hmmm… I can’t remember, which translates as to saying, No, I have not done any of sort yet! Hehe..


I admit I enjoyed both, so much! The big screen offered better view, classic sound, genuine emotions as we can see it so clearly. Every punch, every sigh/shout, every movement, the screen captured it all! My new stuffs are a joy to see and I can’t wait but to try them on at once. The purse is a dear, the tops are superb, and the pants are just wow!


Some lost, but some definitely, won, BIG TIME!! 🙂


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