9June2012: Before, the mere mention of her name would make me tremble in fear. No, I haven’t met her nor spoken to her but I have heard a lot of things about her. And they were not good. The image that is formed in me is that she is, terrible, frightening… obnoxious, even.

The first time I saw her was at the office of the Big Boss. Physically, she stands about 4’9’ and slim but looking at her and her stance, she’s as tall as a basketball player. She walks as if she owns the place with her confidence and aura. And these made me think of her as what the others have described of her. I have seen her in several instances after and even heard her speak to a colleague and boy! You don’t want to make her mad at all. This confirmed my suppositions. I am afraid of her!

Until, I was given the chance to really converse with her. At first, I was hesitant to take on the task but there was no one else to do it. So, there I was, standing inside the nth house being built for their family and speaking directly to her. If it was pure luck or we were just on the same boat, as they say, while we were discussing issues, it seemed that she liked what she was hearing from me. And I was not afraid anymore! It even endeared me to the feisty lady!

After that, I heard good things about me coming from the Madam. She knows stuff about me. She praises me when I am in their circle. Her staff would say that the Madam likes me. And just this morning, while having breakfast with her, it seemed that we were old acquaintances sharing jokes and telling each other stories and even my “crush”! hahah…

Sturdy. Powerful. Sharp. Generous. Sweet and Affectionate.

I am just so glad to be given the chance to meet and get to know her better. I hope to be able to work with her and be under her tutelage. I hope I can emulate even some of her characteristics. Thank you Madam ACS!


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