8June2012: A friend celebrated her birthday by throwing a party for colleagues. As usual, there was drinking and singing, videoke party as we call it! The night was enveloped with music and voices ranging from pleasant to not-ear-friendly! Haha..


As I remember, my father was my greatest influence in my liking to music. Err… he didn’t teach me to play the guitar nor bought a grand piano for me. What he used to buy were song books (or “songhits” to those who still remembers them) where lyrics (and chords) were all written down. We often listen to radio music on Sundays (I’m actually wondering now why we can only listen during weekends) and my father chooses, of course, which station to listen to.


I have this peculiar habit regarding music and songs. I hear a new song. I like it. I listen to it. I search for its lyrics. I listen over and over and over, not only 3 but several times. If there’s repeat button it would be on infinity mode. If there are lyrics, I will sing it phrase by phrase, check and re-check words, memorize, actually!


What fuels my world. Music. 🙂 


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