5June2012: Okay, I have a confession to make. I admit it. I’m a stalker!! YES I AM!!! I follow his twitter. I check his posts every time I log in. I click on photos he shares. I click on friends who comments on his posts. I survey the timeline for any mention of his name. I google his name and check things about him. And though he hasn’t approved of it yet, I sent a friend request on FB…. 😉 heheh…


I’m a dreamer. I wish for things. I hope about stuff. I look forward for events to happen. I aspire for the best in life. I crave… I fancy… I desire…  I yearn for someone.


I’m a believer. Nothing is impossible. What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve. To think is to create. I’m a Star Shooter! I am the universe!!


And it all began, when I met you! 🙂


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