3June2012:  What can I say? I’m the CLASSICS kinda lady. Maybe it goes with the age as I grew up being surrounded with all these:  Hearing the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna,  Whitney Houston,  Hall and Oates, etc… Watching Eat Bulaga, Hawaii Five-O, That’s Entertainment, Champoy, etc… Seeing Pretty Woman,  To Love Again, and many more… And they were all really great! I’m so lucky to have been able to experience, not all though, but most of them!

And as that yet classic day is only weeks shy, I can’t help but feel nostalgic.  Reminiscing the old days at the same time thinking about what’s gonna happen next. Half my life is almost over and the rest of my life is about to start. What’s it gonna be??

I have written down my wishes. I have chosen to persevere (another classic – word for the day! Hahaha…). But then again, it may still boil down to one thing and it’s me singing…  Foolish Heart. 🙂


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