1June2012: First day of the month! Sixth month of the year! Wasn’t it just yesterday when we were celebrating New Year’s day? Or when I and a colleague were inside this tunnel that seems to be getting smaller and smaller as we move? Or when I started doing what I have always wanted to become, a deejay? Or when I was on a plane enroute to an island in Mindanao wondering which swimsuit to use first?

Yeah, seems like it was just yesterday when we were just talking about sponsorships for one of our major activities and the Big Boss was bragging about the deal being “in the bag”. It seemed only yesterday when we took a six-hour boat ride to the most beautiful island, so far, that I have seen, YES! including those in other countries – that I have been to, of course! J

Yesterday. Just like a dream I had last night. Some episodes I can’t remember. Some so vivid on my mind that my senses can almost still taste the saltiness of the sea, feel the hesitation before going onboard, hear my heartbeat as I get humbled by the exercise, smell the air freshener inside His room, see (and meet!) the person I have only dreamt about of meeting and seeing! It’s yesterday once more.


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