19June2012: Okay, here’s the thing. I’ve been writing for the sake of uploading something and beating my deadlines. I have quantity, unfortunately, quality is left out.


So, starting today write ups will be of value for those who will read. It may not be on a daily basis but it will be worth it!


Hence, watch out for the new blogs of MsCosmo… soon!!! ❤


16June2012: (“,)

17June2012: (-_-)

18June2012: Missed out on two days’ write ups. One reason is, I didn’t have connection during the weekend plus I was doing something else Saturday night…hmm, till the wee hours of the morning. And to continue on with the list…


35. blog about travels, bags, etc.. 

34. create vision board for Lucban house

33. organize stuff in Lucena

32. list favourite songs

31. create a travel kit


I still can’t organize my thoughts. I wanted to write about a recent event in my life yet I think I’m not ready to do so. There is actually continuing battle within me and I don’t know which or what will come out of it. What should I do? Should I stay or should I go??



Darn, I don’t have brown eyes.  😦

Funny how the web has become our space to let out our feelings, to admit things we couldn’t face to face, to ask for things we couldn’t personally, to speak our minds without fear or prejudice. I guess it’s a good thing. This way, people can express more and share more and, yeah, reflect more on events, people… ideas.

Funnier when someone expresses feelings for another who articulates his/her for someone else… it’s appalling for me!

Oh, how I wish… even for just a day…. I can be his QUEEN!  😦

TOP 40… :-)

14June2012: Count down should have started yesterday, however, since there were more important things to attend to, I’ll just start now. 🙂   thirty nine days before the “D” day comes. I’ve created a list that needs to be done daily / or within that time period. But why list them? I don’t know. I guess it’s more exciting that way. Or it’s like going up the stairs and the higher I get, the better chance for me to reach my goals. Or, maybe, I just want to do these yet, I don’t have time, so this is the best excuse! Haha..


Here’s the list I was talking about. The idea is for me to do things daily in order from 40, 39, until I reach the first day, the “D” day. Thing is, there were some things I have accomplished already, so it defeats the original scheme. Anyway, I’m sticking to the list:


40. follow airlines and hotels @twitter

39. start writing (again!)

38. read daily bible verses

37. tweet daily

36. buy new wardrobe…..


Okay, first five first. Some may seem absurd, peculiar, downright silly… well, this is my list! But thank you for thinking otherwise! Haha..

ABOUT ME… Part Une

12June2012: This is long overdue. I have been putting this off but I believe now is the right time to do this. Plus, I’ve been seeing this for sometime.. TIP: Update your ABOUT PAGE so your readers can learn about YOU! Okay. Here is it! 🙂

My parents got my name from the calendar which was a very popular manner of naming children then. In Hebrew, it would mean “ewe” or female sheep which means the tamed one. Hmm… so, SHY it is!

I was born under the sign of Leo. According to the description, a typical Leo is flamboyant and generous with tremendous charm and magnanimous spirit. Hmm… eerrr… EXTROVERT, wow!

In one seminar, an activity required me to give myself a one-word description which emphasizes positivity and goodness. PERFECT!

As time passes by, as I age and mature, as I continually get to know and learn to grow, how I define myself changes. Those words I used to describe myself may be true sometime ago, but then they may not be true today. Well, all I know is, I’M A WORK IN PROGRESS.   🙂


11June2012: Monday, long day and it looks like it’s going to be long week as well.

Daily schedule on radio, no substitute.

By the minute updates on activities.

Day to day tweet and thoughts on FB.

… and I can’t seem to find a good topic to discuss today. 😦