2 or so weeks…

31May2012: Yesterday, my twitter account said that I was following Atty. M and eventually realized that he has approved of my “follow” request. Super “kilig” (giddy) moment… hahah.. I remembered when the morning show of this network started to air with Ms. A, Mr. L, et al, and I saw him as part of it. He’s “simpatico.” He’s charming. He’s soft-spoken.. wait, that was on air, when I saw him first. Afterwhich, I always get to see him every morning because I need to rise early to catch the first trip to go to work. I recalled thinking/dreaming/wishing, if I will be able to see him in person… and what will it be like to date a lawyer! 😉 After sometime, I didn’t get to see him nor follow his TV career as I moved to another place.


On May 14th, on my way back to Lucban, as I was assigned to monitor the Pahiyas Festival, my boss called me up and told me that I will assist a network’s crew with a certain girl’s name (purposely not mentioned to protect her identity) as the contact person. And so I sent messages and received them as we set for the following day’s event.


On May 15th, I had an early start. I needed to make sure that VIPs can get in the town proper, that we get the official tally sheet for contests, that a tour guide will be able to assist the UK tourist, and that I can ably assist the television crew. 😉  Before 7 in the morning, the girl contact informed me that they are in the vicinity and I met up with them infront of a convenience store. She readily introduced me to HIM to whom I uttered, “SYA UN!!” (that’s him!)


He was a little aloof at first. I’ve been trying to catch a glimpse of him but he would always turn around or move away from me. But acting as the gracious host and of course, wanting to get near him and talk to him, I proceeded being sociable and affable. And it paid off, he voluntarily shared a story about what happened to him day before. As the day went on, I found out how kind, jovial, smart, amiable, and a very down to earth guy he is! YES! He is as simpatico, as charming and as soft-spoken as he is on and off cam.


We had those “kilig” moments… oops, I mean, I had them. Of course, I’m sure he is unaware of what’s happening with this silly, lil girl! J Oh, and yeah… twas like 2 or so weeks ago since I sent a follow-him request… and he approved it, yesterday! wwiiiii…


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